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A-level Essay Writing Course

The sessions are designed to improve your writing, research and editing skills. Our tutors will teach you how to develop your arguments and put your ideas in an academic piece of work, suited for the A-level requirements. We focus on vocabulary use, specific essay structure, argumentation, and research. We aim to teach A-level students how to create analytical, rather than narrative essays.


Learning outcomes:

  • Research topic, argument, and essay structure
  • Planning and researching an essay, essay outlines
  • Bibliography and referencing
  • Anti-plagiarism and citation styles


Who will benefit from this course?

The course is suitable for all A-level students regardless of their chosen subjects or academic background.

 What will I be doing in class?

The idea behind this workshop is to get A-level students to write. You will be taught the basics of academic writing, and certain research and writing techniques, which you will have the chance to implement in a practical setting. The tutors will be giving you various academic tasks, and you will be asked to complete them under their supervision. The purpose is to get the students involved in the process of academic writing as actively as possible. The assignments will be tailored to match your A-level subjects and the specifics of those subjects.


What are the courses like?

The weekend courses are structured as interactive workshops. Based on the specific problems of the students, the tutor has designed a tailored study plan, covering the issues specified by the students during the enrolment process. These issues are then transformed into learning modules and taught by the tutor. Every module has a small theoretical introduction which is followed by the practical tasks. These are normally completed individually or in groups under the supervision of the tutor, followed by task discussions and revisions. 

What sort of academic help will I get?

The courses are tailored to meet the specific problems of the students in the group. During the enrolment stage, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire specifying your exact academic writing weaknesses. Based on this information the tutors devise a study plan for each and every session.


Time and Duration:

Intensive one-weekend course: 

Saturday (10 am - 5 pm)

Sunday (11 am - 4 pm)

Note: Duration can be extended if necessary