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Essay help, Editing and Review

Get yourself covered for the whole semester with our terrific plan, which allows you to send us all your assignments for the semester, no more than 12 000 words total, which we will check, improve and edit for you. 

The service is perfectly suitable for those students who are unable to attend our face to face workshops and courses. 

It is flexible and it allows you to have your back covered by our team of tutors and editors throughout the whole semester. You choose which assignments to send, and when to send them, as long as we have at least seven days for the first amendment ( don't wait till the last moment)!

The idea is simple - every time you complete your assignment, send it for revision, improvement and review to make sure you are on the right track. For each essay you have the option of one resubmission - this means that we will also check and improve your revised draft!

And the best news is that we will also scan your essay for plagiarism free of charge. 

Package price: £200 ( does not apply to dissertations)

For questions regarding specific assignments, give us a call or email us. 


Terms and Conditions apply: 

Additional charges may apply if the work requires major editing and rewrite, or of the level of similarity is very high. 

The delivery period may vary according to the scope of changes required, minimum allowed is three-five working days. 

All assignments need to be sent to us at least seven working days before your final deadline, for a through edit and improvement.