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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of New Research Solutions Ltd, trading as Essay Courses


Definition of Parties

“The company” –  by the company here it is understood New Research Solutions Ltd, registration number 8396109, trading as Essay Courses

“The client” – by the client here it is understood everyone using or wishing to use the services, provided by Essay Courses



1.      Booking

1.1 Booking takes place via the phone or email.

1.2 You agree that we might not always be able to address last minute or specific dates requests, in which case you will be offered the next available date

1.3 You agree that in some cases you might be asked to provide writing samples to help us allocate you in the most suitable use; these will be used for tutorial purposes only, as well as email addresses can be exchanged between attendees for the purpose of the workshop

1.4 We are unable to provide participants with individual laptops, in which case you agree to bring your own laptop during the tutorial; failure to do so may result in dismissal, or the full cancellation of your workshop, for which you will not be refunded; the same applies for any technical issue with your laptop


2. Training 

2.1 Essay Courses provides courses which give guidelines and additional academic assistance; therefore they are not part of any established curriculum, or affiliated with any registered educational organisation

2.2 You agree that we are not an educational institution, and we do not provide certificates or diplomas for the completion of any course

2.3 Our courses are not degree-related, and therefore your attendance cannot be used as an official proof of education, or counted toward a degree; you will not be receiving any certificates/diplomas, as part of our courses 

2.4 Attendance of any of the workshops or one to one sessions, as well as using the Semester Plan, does not and cannot guarantee improvement of grades for assignments or the overall academic performance of the student 

2.5 It is the responsibility of the student to prepare their homeworks, in case assigned any by the tutor. Failure to do so may affect the efficacy of the workshops and results cannot be guaranteed, for which Essay Courses is not liable

2.6 You agree that the materials you might be distributed during the workshops are to be used only for the purposes of the workshop, and not copied, or reproduced for your own purpose

2.7 Students wishing to receive additional review or follow up of their written work from Essay Courses outside the group or one to one workshops they are attending, will be required to pay extra fee, determined by Essay Courses (follow up work fee)

2.8 Students who have opted for the Semester Plan and the Dissertation Action Plan and do not submit their work for revision as instructed by Essay Courses, may not receive adequate assistance due the delays. In such cases, they will not be refunded, and their work may not be revised by the tutor. They may be charges extra for last minute submissions to the tutor. Final version need to be submitted for revision no later than four working days before the student's submission deadline. 

2.9 Essay Courses cannot guarantee any grades/marks, or exam results to the students.

2.10 Essay Courses offers only advice to its students, and cannot guarantee the outcomes of any advice taken during our workshops or any other consultations.

2.11 No partial or full refunds available for any of the provided workshop formats

2.12 No partial or full refunds available for the Semester Plan and the Dissertation Action Plan




3.       Payment

3.1 You agree that payment of course fees takes place in advance, upon receipt of your individual invoice

3.2 Payment takes place via bank transfer, and all fees are to be directly paid to:



Account Name: New Research Solutions Ltd.

Account number: 51742639

Sort code: 40-04-10



3.3 Course fees posted on the website are subject to change

3.4 Fees for services outside the courses or individual lessons are also subject to change



4.      Cancellations


4.1 If you are unable to attend a class, you need to give us a reasonable notice (at least 48 hours) in which case we will try to allocate you in the next available date.

In those cases where you were not able to attend, partial or full refunds will not be offered.

If you do not arrange to make a booking for the next available date (within 2 weeks of your previous cancelled date), we reserve the right to cancel your attendance in full, and NOT offer any refund or compensation. A new enrolment for a new date will be charged the full fee. Uf you fail to attend a second ( rescheduled) booking for a workshop with us, your registration for the second booking will be cancelled, and you will need to enrol for a new workshop, and pay the fee again and in full for the respective workshop.

4.2 You agree that it might take time for us to allocate you to the next available date, or this may not be at all possible.

4.3 If you have any concerns about the quality of the services you have received, you might be allowed to re-attend the course, free of charge; this will be granted only under the circumstances where you can provide evidence, that the course did not meet its set aims and requirements; re-attendance will be decided by Essay Courses

4.4 The tutor reserves the right to withdraw from any group/one to one workshop, or the Semester Plan at any given time if s/he feels that the course of education is innefective, and the students are not submitting the required assignments if any have been given

4.5 Leaving early 

If the student has to, or decides to leave earlier during a workshop/lesson, Essay Courses will not be offering any partial compensation, or rebooking to the student for the parts of the workshop/lesson which the student will miss. 

4.6 If the student decides to attend only part of the course (not in full) they have chosen with Essay Courses, no refunds (partial or full), will be provided to the student. The same policy applies for withdrawals of students on the long term one to one or group workshops, regardless of how many hours of the total the student has attended.



5.      Health and Safety

5.1 You agree that you will leave your working stations tidy

5.2 You agree that you are responsible for your own health and safety at the premises where the tutorials are taking place, with clearly marked fire escape and the provision of fire extinguishers and fire alarms; you will inform Essay Courses if any such concerns arise

5.3 You agree that Essay Courses is not responsible for any personal injury or loss or damage to items left on the Premises

5.4 You agree that the premises we use may  not suitable for persons with temporary or permanent mobility issues

5.5  You agree that smoking anywhere on the Premises is not permitted

5.6 On certain occassions groups smaller than 3 attendees, workshops may take place in public venues, in which cases Essay Courses is not responsible for general health and safety concerns of attendees, or attendees' personal possessions, or environmental disturbances such as noise

5.7 Essay Courses cannot guarantee accessibility access to the venues in use

5.8 Essay Courses requires that all attendees in public venues such as libraries and others adhere to the COVID-19 measures of these venues. We are not responsible for any contamination with COVID-19 after the use of these venues. 


6.      Data Protection and GDPR

6.1  Essay Courses might store Client’s and Tutor’s details, necessary for the completion of the service requested by them. These details will never be shared with another company or any other third party. Personal details will not be disclosed, unless requested by lawful authority, or to investigate fraudulent transactions. 

The only personal information which we store by clients is their invoices, which we keep for accounting purposes. 

Clients are advised to remove all personal data or third party's data (names of tutors, university, contact details, etc)from the files they send us such as assignments for revision, supporting files related to their projects, etc. 


You may occassionally contact you via email for a follow up, or to inform you about new services or products, and you will be given the option to opt out of these emails. We will only contact you if you have used our services in the past, or have contacted us with a query regarding our services and products. We will only contact you regarding similar or identical services to the ones you have used before, or you have been interested in before. 


We are not responsible for the content of third websites, posted on the website of Essay Courses



            These terms and conditions are subject to change by Essay Courses.