Essay Courses

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Who we are

Essay Courses was created as an independent platform, offering interactive and dynamic academic writing courses. The courses are designed as workshops where students can implement in practice their research and writing skills. Our goal is to make students believe in their own writing abilities and to help them develop their strengths. 

Our team of dedicated tutors is trained to address a variety of problems students have. They can help you learn what to avoid in academic writing, and how to make your essays and assignments persuasive and well-researched.  

Our approach is interactive, and we believe that the involvement of the students is the essence of the learning process. In our workshops, students are writing under the supervision of qualified tutors, and participate in different modules, where writing and research techniques are discussed.

We have years of experience working with students and we realise how important academic skills are for those of you completing their degrees. Therefore we created Essay Courses as an organisation that specialises in academic skills development in an innovative and dynamic way. We use a participatory method in teaching academic skills, where the students learn in the course of writing and interact with the tutor, and with the other people in the group.

Essay Courses was established as much more than a tutoring organisation. We have seen many students struggle with their academic assignments in the past, which inspired us to create a platform, where students can develop their academic skills in the course of writing. This is not simply a teaching method, but a type of interaction in which a personalised approach is combined with academic expertise and knowledge.