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"In January I attended  an academic writing workshop course, for me it was 100% helpful. Literally it changed my mind.
Well, I received my examinations from London (last year I had failed) but this year I PASSED with 60% !!!
I increased my confidence in writing and now I understand the British writing standards.
I am so happy!! I want to say thank you for you incredible help as a teacher. You encourage me to write better essays in my second language!"

Carmen Rosa


"Essay Courses has helped me build my confidence when it comes to writing. Their weekend intensive writing courses have helped me improve not only my research skills, but also my ability to critically analyse difficult academic texts. At the beginning of my studies I was struggling with how to structure and organise my essays, but their interactive workshops have helped me overcome this issue". 

Rebecca Anderson


"Essay Courses, THANK YOU for an extremely empowering w/e. 1st class practical development of relevant thinking, researching,and writing."

Marie Anne Essam


"I attended the Essay Courses weekend courses when I realised that I was struggling with my written assignments. I have always known that writing is not one of my strengths, and as a student in Business Administration, I felt I needed some guidance on how to produce good academic content. The tutor in Essay Courses was extremely helpful, and being in a small group of four people made the experience worth every minute".

Ian Metcalfe


"I attended one of Essay Courses weekend workshops because I was failing my written assignments in Social Psychology. The tutor was amazing, and the session helped me improve my performance".

Elizabeta Silvestri


"The Essay Courses workshops are incredibly interactive. I had attended some writing seminars previously, but the Essay Courses platform is unique because it allows you to deal with your exact writing weaknesses and to develop your strengths."

Simon Mugabe


"I want to recommend Essay Courses to anyone who has troubles with their essays and assignments. The tutors are amazing, the groups are very small, and the approach is individual. It works both for native and non-native speakers."

Elisa Valentini

"I just wanted to say a big big thank you. Genuinely I feel that you have proper jump started my writing brain and I couldn't be more thankful. I was a bit sceptical about how much I could learn in such a short time. But honestly, you were so amazing. Thank you so much.


"Your tutoring has been a eureka experience for me. It has been an amazing insight on how to structure, understand and write an essay. It was an unbelievable weekend and I cannot thank you enough. You are an amazing tutor and person and I am indebted to you. This weekend was not a cost,  it was an investment for which I thank you again"

Pete, West Midlands