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About Academic Writing

Many students in the UK feel challenged by the standards for academic writing. The requirements for writing and research in the UK are very high, and in order to obtain a degree, students need to acquire specific research and critical analysis skills. The problems which students most often face are related to citation styles, plagiarism, format, structure, argumentation and bias.

In Essay Courses, we have designed a unique platform to help you address those issues quickly and effectively. We realise that many students cannot deal on their own with the complexities of academic writing, and we are ready to provide expert help to help them make the most of their degrees. Many of you have excellent knowledge of their subject, but when it comes to writing they need just a little extra help to gain their confidence in the classroom and in front of their peers.

Here are some of the most common issues that we address in our workshops:

Academic argument. Presenting your arguments in an essay is different from presenting your arguments in a conversation or even a class discussion. The arguments in your essay have to be structured clearly and need to have academic merit. Writing content that has academic value is a difficult task and our courses are designed to teach you that – from revealing the quality of your argument to supporting it with relevant academic examples.

Structuring your essay. Structuring an essay is another problem that bothers many students on a regular basis. The structure of your essay is crucial and is likely to determine the overall quality of your work. In Essay Courses, we will teach you how to create essay outlines and plans, and how to perform preliminary research on any given topic.

Research and critical analysis. Academic writing is not simply about writing. In order to get good grades, your essays have to be well-researched and analytical. Our workshops are designed to help you conduct academic research tailored to the specifics of your topic. Our tutors will help you learn how to analyse your resources critically, and how to engage them in the text in an elegant and enticing manner. We will teach you not only how to collect information, but also how to use it in an efficient way to meet the research aims of your project.

Referencing styles. Students from all academic backgrounds struggle with referencing styles. We organise practical tutorials in which to teach you how to use the Harvard, Oxford, MLA, APA and other popular referencing styles.

Plagiarism and resources. Plagiarism is a huge issue in universities, and students often fail assignments because they do not know how to cite properly, and how to balance between their own thoughts and information obtained from elsewhere. Our tutorials cover anti-plagiarism techniques, which you can practise under the supervision of a tutor.

Choosing a research topic. Choosing the right research topic is the backbone of your essay. If you don’t get the topic right, a potentially good essay can easily fail. Our modules will present you with techniques on how to choose research topics that are doable, focused, and original.

These are only some of the most popular issues which students struggle with when it comes to academic writing. We also teach you how to write different types of essays, how to write dissertations, how to write literature reviews, and how to improve your skills in research methods for the social sciences and business.