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Weekend Dissertation Writing Course

This session will benefit those of you who are planning or have already started working on your dissertations. The dissertation writing workshop is an excellent place for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, who need help with their dissertations. We will teach you how to structure your individual chapters, how to review your literature, and how to choose the right research aims and the methodology which will best meet them.  We will also teach you how to collect and analyse your primary data in a quick and efficient way.

Learning outcomes:

  • Designing a research proposal (if applicable)
  • Choosing research aim and objectives
  • Choosing the appropriate method and research strategy
  • Literature review and critical analysis of resources; selection of resources for your literature review
  • Data presentation and data analysis for quantitative, qualitative or mixed research methods
  • Formatting and proofreading your dissertation

Who will benefit from this course?

The dissertation writing course is suited for those students embarking on their dissertations, or who have already started to write them. The course is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as international and home students. Those in part-time education or adult students will benefit from the course as well.

What will I be doing during the session?

During the dissertation course, the students will be involved in writing sample dissertation chapters, implementing different research techniques, and discussing different research designs related to dissertations.

What are the courses like?

The courses are divided into theoretical modules which are briefand longer, more intensive practical modules. The theoretical modules will lead you through the basics of dissertation writing, related to choosing the right research method, building the literature review, choosing the right research question and establishing the research aims of your project. The practical modules will help you learn how to implement what you have been taught during the theoretical part.

What sort of academic help will I get?

The purpose of the dissertation writing course is to teach you how to structure your dissertation and the individual chapters, how to implement various quantitative and/or qualitative research methods, how to select the resources for the literature review, and how to conduct primary as well as secondary research. We will also give you some tips on how to proofread your dissertation, and how to manage the time you spend in the preparation of the different chapters.

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