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Weekend Presentation and Communication Skills Course

These interactive sessions are designed to teach you how to prepare presentations and deliver them in a persuasive way. We know that many students are worried about their rhetoric skills, and our vocal coaches can help you overcome any difficulties you might have. In our presentation workshops you will learn not only how to write and structure an academic presentation, and also to deliver it in front of an audience. Our workshop will develop your ability to persuade audiences, and present in a confident and enticing manner.


Learning outcomes:

  • Designing effective presentations
  • Rhetoric skills and presentation styles
  • Styles of communication for different academic topics/audiences
  • Functions of communication and conveying the right message
  • Formatting presentations and impacting your audience

Who will benefit from this course?

The presentations and communications skills course will benefit students at all levels, who experience problems delivering presentations in-class, either individually or in a group. Presentation skills are very important part of the educational process, and regardless of their degrees, most students are asked to deliver presentations frequently while at university. The course is suited for international, as well as home students, and as well as for part-time and adult students.

What will I be doing in class?

The presentation and communications class will focus on teaching you presentation techniques, ranging from researching your presentation to its delivery. You will be taught also vocal and breathing techniques, as well as rhetoric skills suited to match the needs of different audiences and occasions. Our presentation workshops are highly interactive, and the participation of the students is essential. Depending on the size of the group, you will be asked to prepare mini -presentations and deliver them, either in a team or individually under the supervision of the tutor. The modules also include slide formatting, and effective ways of preparing your speeches.

What are the courses like?

The courses follow our established approach of practical involvement. You will have theoretical introduction on the core rhetoric and presentation skills, but for most of the time you will be involved in creating drafts of slides on chosen topics, preparing the speeches for them, and delivering them as part of the class discussions.

What sort of academic help will I get?

During the presentation and communication skills workshop you will be learn how to create effective and appealing slides, tailored according to the audience, how to create eloquent speeches, and how to deliver them persuasively in an academic setting. We will teach you different techniques related to eye contact, breathing, and presentation delivery.

Time and duration:

Intensive one weekend course: 

Saturday (10 am - 5 pm)

Sunday (11 am - 4 pm)